Estimating Draw

Sometimes beginning bands over-estimate their draw. After all, they've got 100 friends who promised they'd show up!

Other times, artists constantly over-estimate their draw for various reasons.

Here is a handy-dandy worksheet to estimate your draw:

Just fill in all the numbers as accurately as possible
If something doesn't apply, use 0
YOUR Draw At Previous Gig Within One Year In Same Town/Venue:
(Use Same Town On Tour; Use Same Venue Locally)
Friends Who Did NOT Make Previous Gig
But Promise To Come This Time For Sure:
Number Of Flyers/Posters Hung:
Number Of Postcards Mailed To Fans:
Number Of Postcards Distributed To General Public:
Number Of Recipients On OPT-IN Email List:
Number Of In-Stores, Radio Shows, Print Ads, Etc:
(Count 1 For Each Item Specifically Targetted Towards This Show)
Number Of Shows Played Within 20 Miles Within 1 Month:
(Not counting Open Mics, Festivals, College Gigs, Etc)

And, of course, artists, or their agents, frequently lie about their draw to get the gig.


All that will do is get you in front of an audience, one time that is too small to do you any good.

Plus, that's likely to be one time only -- You're not gonna get asked back after you've lied to the Talent Buyer!

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